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Alibaba is one of the world's large e-commerce companies. To better assess people's online clothing shopping habits, they used Respondent to source participants for in-home market research interviews.

VuPoint is a full-service market research firm. When a large luxury car brand wanted to understand what they could do to stay relevant in the 21st century, VuPoint used Respondent to recruit CEO millennials who had large amounts of discretionary income.

Future Advisor specializes in personal, data-driven investment advice. To learn more about recent retirees' plans for financial security and saving, they turned to Respondent to source and schedule people who had just retired.

User Testing allows companies to quickly and easily get UX feedback. They regularly use Respondent to souce hard-to-reach niche audiences. For example, they were able to find a panel of Data Scientists through Respondent who could provide ongoing feedback.

Babbel is a platform for learning new languages. They used Respondent to source Americans trying to learn a second language so that they could better understand the challenges they faced.

Varo Money helps people get more out of their money. To continuously improve their go-to-market product, they use Respondent to recruit young, financially independent participants on a recurring basis.

Tictail is a social shopping service that connects customers to emerging designers. In order to get feedback on the next iteration of their app and better understand their customers' needs, Respondent helped them find and recruit millennials who shop online for a focus group.

Credibly is a simple online lender for small businesses. They used Respondent to recruit small business owners for a focus group so that they could learn more about their needs, challenges, and lifestyles as they started their business.

Weebly is a platform entrepreneurs can use to make websites. To improve their on-boarding process and flow of new themes, they used Respondent to recruit and gather feedback from people interested in building their own website (either business and personal).

A digital customer experience agency, Cake & Arrow needed to be sure they were getting accurate data on a niche quantitative study. To do this, they used Respondent to recruit 100 small business owners with verified Linkedin accounts to complete a 50 question survey.

Opperman Weiss is a prestigious NYC-based creative studio. While developing a $2 million advertising campaign directed at Spanish speakers, they used Respondent to find native Spanish speakers in New York City who could give them feedback on their copy.

ADP group, a multi-national mineral mining conglomerate, wanted to have a better understanding of how employees at large corporations compared and chose their healthcare plans. They used Respondent to connect with and conduct a large swath of in-person interviews.

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