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An all-in-one platform for finding participants

participant panel with verified users

Find the exact respondents you need, from our deep panel of verified participants with unique perspectives.

Target participants by job title, industry, skills, demographics and more.

Recruit for any research method, on any tool, anywhere in the world and be assured of quality participants

Maximize the reach of your research study with referrals and boosts to fill your study fast, at an affordable price


Participants from 150+ countries


Invited participants show-up

30 mins.

Median time to first participant match

Participant Quality, Assured

Participants love Respondent - a relationship built on appropriate research incentives, great research studies and researcher feedback. This is backed up by robust anti-fraud protocols to ensure that you can spend more time talking to your target participants and not worry about bad apples.

recruit quality participants for research
participant recruitment automation
Recruitment Workflows, Simplified

Our project automation features help you save time and money on participant recruitment by optionally automating admin tasks such as research completion tracking and payment initiation to participants who are marked complete. Learn more.

An all-in-one platform for finding participants

Automate scheduling

Sync calendars, video tools and more

Message participants

Direct messaging for further screening or follow-ups

Reduce no shows

Automated SMS & email reminders

Manage confidentiality

Ensure participants sign your NDA & receive instructions

Pay incentives

Respondent handles all payments on your behalf

Simplify Research Ops

Automate admin tasks like completion tracking & payouts

Maximize Reach

Need a niche audience? Our recruiters can help

Robust Data Security

SOC 2 and GDPR compliant to protect sensitive data

respondent integrations with research tools
Recruit on Respondent, Research Anywhere

Send participants to the research tool(s) of your choice, and use our research integrations and guides to simplify research operations. Use project completion URLs to effortlessly track participation and pay in batches.

Find the right participants - target by...

Industry (B2B)

Pick from 140+ industry segments such as software or education.

Job Titles (B2B)

Filter by all relevant job titles your participants may hold.

Skills (B2B)

Find participants with specific certifications or skills in their profile.


Filter by city (US) or country. Recruit from cities in 21 target countries. Or recruit in any of 150+ countries, and refine via screener questions.

Demographics & Income

Refine targeting with attributes like age, ethnicity, education level, and household income.

Screener Surveys

Qualify applicants further with custom screener surveys. Use multi-select options, radio buttons, free-form text and skip logic to collect responses.

affordable research participant recruitment

Recruit quality participants for as low as $24 (B2C) or $40 (B2B) per session.

Choose from flexible subscriptions or pay-as-you-go.

How we recruit

1. Matching

Your targeting filters + our participant panel + our proprietary matching algorithm = a slate of great candidates for research.

2. Referrals

Respondent incentivizes participants for referring other participants. This way, your project reaches far beyond just our 3M+ panel. 

3. Boosts

Our recruitment team works on select projects with extremely niche requirements. Boost campaigns find participants where they hang out.

Customer success stories

Rated 4.6 out of 200+ reviews on

John Whaley

Director, Research and Testing - Instrument

We tested out a few platforms and quickly realized that Respondent was getting us good people fast. That’s frankly all we need.

Taylor Jennings

Lead UX Researcher - Chili Piper

Respondent helps me easily find the exactly-right participants for my projects. Further, it works for any type of research project with any kind of participant. 

Jacqueline Jordan

GVP, Research - Huge

The participants have been who they say they are, we can verify them, and they're super responsive. Respondent has helped us do better research and be better researchers.

Recruit participants for any research methodology

Get Participants for Qualitative Research

Find articulate and reliable individuals to participate in user interviews (in-depth interviews), focus groups, diary studies, and other qualitative research methods. Recruit for remote or in-person studies across moderated and unmoderated formats.

Get Participants for Quantitative Research

Respondent can help you get survey responses from relevant, high-quality audiences. Recruit for any research method from surveys to quantitative usability testing and use the research tool of your choice, with our participants. Close the loop with completion URLs for surveys and unmoderated tasks.

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