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Product Research

Refine your product with feedback from both current and prospective users.

Exploratory Research

Test the viability of your ideas quickly, and find inspiration for new projects.

Competitive Analysis

Talk to users of competitive products, and hone in on what makes you unique.

Business Research

Research B2B topics with real respondents from verified companies.

Consumer Research

Leverage our top-notch respondents for a wide variety of consumer research topics.

Persona Research

Build customer personas with live conversations - not guesswork.

How it works
Post a project

Target the audience you want to conduct research with and choose how much you want to pay them

Invite and Schedule

Review people who have applied, then invite and schedule those who you think are the best fit for your research study

Conduct your research

Conduct video calls, phone calls, in-person discussions or online research. It's up to you

Pay research participants

When you're finished, easily pay research participants through the Respondent platform

Keep the Respondents You Like

Maintain lists of who you’ve talked to, and conduct future research with them for no additional fee.

Pricing kept simple
Participants Sourced by Respondent
50% Service fee

Based off the participant incentive

Pricing example
$100 Incentive / participant
$50 Service fee / participant
$150 Total / participant

Participants Sourced by you

3% transaction fee applies to credit card payments

Pricing example
$100 Incentive / participant
$0 Service fee / participant
$100 Total / participant

  • Unlimited projects & users
  • Versatile participants screeners
  • Private, secure data storage
  • Built-in session reminders
  • Easy incentive payments
  • Calendar integration
  • List management
  • Custom fields
  • Tags
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