Our mission is to make research inclusive

What does "inclusive research" mean to us?

Grow an inclusive team that builds an inclusive research product


Deliver a diverse sample of participants for research


Remove obstacles so anyone can conduct research

Our Values

Always Researching

  • We always endeavor to innovate and grow. Faced with constraints, we are relentlessly resourceful.
  • We understand that identifying problems (we love finding problems!) and designing solutions is the road to improvement.
  • We have a bias towards action: when in doubt we build, ship, and learn.

Thriving Together

  • Even if we have never done something before or don’t feel qualified, we jump in and try despite worries: if we fail, we iterate.
  • We embrace ambiguity and often work on things outside of our job description based on the needs of the team and company.
  • We are constantly learning more about our product and customers by interacting with them to make the best decisions for the team and company. 

Active Honesty

  • We are honest and expect the truth in all dealings. Failure to identify the truth leads to bad decision-making.
  • We give and ask for feedback frequently. 
  • We understand our weaknesses and strive to be vulnerable with our teammates about them while striving for improvement.


  • We push ourselves to break boundaries and make decisions quickly. New territory can be uncomfortable, but we relish growing from it.
  • We make sure we are working on the right priority with deadlines in place.
  • We encourage each other to take initiative and understand making mistakes is part of the journey.
  • We take the time to celebrate wins (group and individual).