Rethink how you manage your own research particpants

Built on top of the Respondent platform, the Respondent Management System (RMS) is the world's first all-in-one tool for collecting, organizing, managing, and enriching your research participants.

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Manage your lists of participants

Import your contacts and organize them using lists, live segments, and tagging. As you conduct your research, we'll enrich their profiles with verified data and participation history.

Send personal invitiations

Customize your email invitations and the email address they are sent from. Your customers are your most important asset, so you should have control over how you connect with them.

A central hub for all your research participants

Respondent can act as a single hub for managing respondents and recording participation regardless of methodology. This will help you improve transparency, research consistency, and efficiency across the board.

Schedule with confidence

Set your available time slots, automatic reminders, and synchronize with your personal calendar so you never miss a research interview.

Want a helping hand?

Whether you need some help or are just pressed for time, Respondent Professional Services assigns you an account manager who will help fulfill your objectives every step of the way.

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