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Recruit, schedule and pay high-quality business professionals for research, with our 2M+ participant database. Get your first participant match in just 30 minutes.

Research with confidence, find exactly the participants you need

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Target & screen

Tell us your ideal participant -- location, job title, industry, company size, skills, software usage, income, and more. Or qualify participants more specifically with your own screener questions.

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Activate Our Participants

Respondent will push your project directly to he highest-match participants in our 2M+ database. Only those with verified work email addresses can apply to your projects targeting B2B users.

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Expand the Reach

Respondent markets your project to your ideal participants in social channels, communities, and through our network of referral partners to bring you the highest-quality participants.

Respondent simplifies the back and forth with participants before, during, and after your research study

find participants
Select the highest-quality participants

Review participants’ LinkedIn profiles, demographic information, and screener responses to choose the best participants for your project. You can even message directly with participants to ask follow-up questions to ensure you get exactly who you need.

Invite with a single click

In one step, Respondent will email and text participants that they have been selected and provide them any required NDAs or other pre-research instructions.

Connect your calendar for easy scheduling

Invited participants can schedule sessions based on real-time availability. Respondent automatically sends email and text reminders several times before a research session to reduce the risk of no-shows.

Pay participants without any hassle

Forget the gift card processing and one-off approvals. All participants are paid by Respondent after you indicate that they met (and hopefully exceeded) your expectations.

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Research Participant Recruitment,

Get research participants for all your user research needs with Respondent. Filter and screen the exact audience you want and use our integrations to simplify research operations.

Research Recruitment FAQ

Where are Respondent participants sourced from?

A variety of sources and years of meticulous quality control have helped us build a participant pool of 2M+ verified professionals. Sources include premium online publications like the New York Times and TechCrunch, direct outreach via LinkedIn and other social networks. Participants supplement these efforts through organic referral networks.

How many prospective participants does the Respondent participant pool have, in the niche I want?

The Respondent participant pool is 2M+ strong from 200 countries and is comprised of work-email verified B2B professionals as well as members of the general public. While you may not have an estimate of your audience size up-front, you can simply publish your research recruitment project at no cost, and start assessing the applicants for your project - you do not pay until you complete a research session. For additional context, please refer to this demographic overview of respondents.

How long does it take to find and schedule my target audience for my research study?

The average time to find and schedule participants is 3 days. However, your first match usually is made within 30 minutes of project publication. It could take slightly longer than for specific niche audiences such as tax accountants who have handled a particular type of rare situation for clients.

How should I calculate the right incentive for a research study?

Participant incentives are an essential part of successfully recruiting your target audience. The incentive controls the number of applications and the speed at which you can recruit. Our average payout is $100 per hour. For specialty occupations, we see up to $500/hour. Factors such as the amount of time you need from the participant, type of research (remote or in-person, interview or survey, moderated or unmoderated) as well as the specificity of your research audience should all be considered to arrive at a competitive incentive for your participants.

How does Respondent work?

Respondent is a marketplace for sourcing, scheduling and paying quality participants for research studies. While B2B business professional audiences are our strongest suit, we support a variety of B2C research projects across remote video interviews, unmoderated surveys, focus groups and alternative methodologies.

How do I get started?

You can post a project for free now. You’ll only have to pay after participants have participated in your study. You can pre-purchase credits via bank transfer or pay as you go with a credit card. Sign up now.