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GoDaddy has become synonymous with getting onto the internet. Founded in 1997, the company has grown from a simple way to register a domain name to a full-service shop for designing your website, marketing your brand, and building your online business. With over 18 million customers and 77 million domain names, GoDaddy is now the largest web host — a position they earned by offering users the easiest way to take their vision online.

Research is fundamental to GoDaddy’s success. It not only helps them address the needs of their customers, but also manage the network of designers and experts who bring their users’ ideas to life. However, their previous process of recruiting for new research projects was slow and inefficient. To more effectively reach out to their target audience, GoDaddy began using Respondent.

Building efficiency into their research process

GoDaddy is constantly looking for ways to improve their services and help their users innovate. For instance, by connecting them to graphic designers, engineers, and other online experts, GoDaddy allows their users to quickly and easily launch a website, as well as have it professionally maintained. To ensure these designers and specialists have the right tools to address the needs of their customers, GoDaddy relies on research.

Although they were using a variety of methods to recruit participants for their research, GoDaddy was having a difficult time reaching out to web professionals. They needed a platform that would give them quick access to qualified participants. After integrating Respondent into their research, they were able to meet this need by dramatically increasing the speed and efficiency of their recruiting. “I knew there had to be an easier way,” said Branca Ballot, Head of Web Developer Go-To-Market at GoDaddy. “Once I was introduced to Respondent, I became addicted.”

In addition to its overall speed at recruiting strong groups of participants, GoDaddy was impressed with the amount of control Respondent gave them in the recruiting process. They could easily start and pause research projects as needed, as well as continuously customize their screener surveys to further narrow down candidates to fit their exact needs. Other features, such as the ability to create their own calendars and pay respondents directly, have allowed them to become more efficient. By using these tools to streamline their research processes, GoDaddy has been able to actually reduce the total number of interviews they conduct even as they increase their overall amount of research.

Turning insights into improved products

After making accurate research an easier and more accessible part of their business, GoDaddy has been able to gain a better understanding of their customers, as well as the developers and specialists who help them build and manage their websites. For example, shortly after using Respondent, GoDaddy’s research team began uncovering new insights and patterns not previously known about their target audience. This let them develop more accurate customer segmentations that helped them gain a better understanding of their market. This would not have been possible if they had not had such easy access to qualified respondents.

One of the things that is clear is that, if you’re on my team, you’ll be doing a bunch of Respondent studies. You guys have a great tool.

— Branca Ballot, Head of Web Developer Go-To-Market at GoDaddy

Respondent has not only allowed GoDaddy to expand and improve their research, but has proved so intuitive to use that they can train people on it in as little as ten minutes. This has helped make it a critical part of their research process — one they will continue to use as they focus on new ways to enhance their products that make it easier for their customers to take their ideas online.

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